BAS Agent Services

A Registered BAS Agent is the only person who is legally allowed to charge you to prepare and lodge a Business Activity Statement.

BAS Agents are required to spend time and money every year doing seminars, webinars, workshops, courses and other educational activities like research, writing and presentations, so that they can do their best work for you and stay compliant.

Why use a BAS Agent


A BAS Agent will ensure your BAS is correct, every month/ quarter and will reconcile the GST, PAYG, wages, super, and integrated client accounts.

Ongoing Study

45 hours in every three-year period a BAS Agent is required to study and learn complex topics, updates to the GST and tax laws, and industry changes to ensure that they stay registered and compliant.


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct requires a BAS Agent to be professional, honest, independent, confidential and competent. If a BAS agent breaches this code you can notify the Tax Practitioners Board.

Extra Time to Lodge

If you lodge your own BAS then you have to lodge and pay by the due date. Under the BAS lodgement program a BAS Agent gets extra time to lodge, which gives you extra time too.

Becoming Registered

To become a BAS Agent you need to meet minimum qualifications, 1400 hours experience, a Cert IV in bookkeeping, PI insurance and ongoing study obligations.

Peace of Mind

An unregistered bookkeeper might be cheaper, but an inexperienced bookkeeper can end up costing you more than any savings that you might make. Visit the Tax Practitioners’ Board to find out more information.


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